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Music is said to improve the creativity and soothes the senses

About Me

Having been in the corporate segment for decades, we realized how stress can eat away most part of one’s life. One fine day we realized that all the work we do, all the money we earn was going a waste because we were not slowing down and stopping to actually make memories instead of focusing on money. Among the many ways we tried to tackle workplace stress, the most effective one we found was MUSIC. This is when we decided to start an online music channel to deliver custom playlists to professionals.

Our team consists of several people who were on the same page, united by our love for music and its impact on the workplace productivity, decided to make it easier to spread the awareness.

When we talk about music affecting the workplace productivity, it works both the ways. Not all music makes you productive at work. There are those that actually end up distracting you and reducing your concentration and productivity. Before you listen to a playlist at your office, make sure you choose a set of familiar tunes, those that are calm as well. New songs might make you curious and you would end up focusing on the song than on your work. And sometimes, for complex learning tasks, music might appear interfering. But it works differently for different people. So try and find out in which way music works for you before you put it to the maximum use. We have created a playlist of soothing songs specifically meant for those relaxing hours to help wind down office stress. We also have a set of tunes to listen to while you perform your day to day routine tasks. We have made sure to skip all the loud ones and those that come with too many distracting lyrics that can distract you. Make the best use of music to help you become more productive at your workplace.